Our business card stacking program is an award-winning lending solution that obtains unsecured business credit and shows you how to access these high-limit cards as cash lines of credit.
Need more information? We invite you to watch our webinar: Business Credit Card Stacking Explained
Fund&Grow has pioneered and perfected the credit card stacking process to give entrepreneurs across all industries an alternative to expensive traditional funding methods, and we work closely with you for 12 months to secure multiple funding rounds and help keep you at 0% interest even after the initial offer has ended. 

Any business in any industry can use, and benefit from, this type of funding. All you need to qualify is a physical U.S. address, a social security number, and an average or above average credit score.

Fortunately, if your credit score isn’t quite there yet, we can help point you in the right direction to improve your credit situation and acquire the funding you need to start or scale. 


  • Get the Funding You Need at Zero Interest - Quickly secure up to $250,000: Our expert negotiators advocate for you with credit card companies to secure the highest approvals with the best 0% interest offers. 
  • Doesn't Impact Personal Credit  -  Your business expenses should never affect your personal credit or savings, which is why we strategically select business credit offers that will never appear on or affect your personal credit.
  • Cash-Like Spending Power For Any Industry  -  Utilize business credit for any business need including software, inventory, vendors, real estate, shipping expenses, or company vehicles.
  • Unsecured Safe Funding - Business credit avoids the need to risk your assets as collateral, allowing you to remain 100% in control of your business and the credit lines.
  • How To Remove Credit Inquiries - Get the step-by-step system to remove credit inquiries easily and quickly from your credit report to maximize ongoing business credit approvals.


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