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Fund&Grow has secured over $1.4 billion in business credit for more than 30K entrepreneurs just like you! 

Our expert negotiators do all the work to obtain the funding you need to grow.


Growth Capital - Completely Done For You

We complete multiple applications and carry out negotiations on your behalf to secure you multiple batches of funding. This is a done-for-you service completely managed by us. You can sit back, relax & watch the money roll in.

Smart Business Funding

We help you get the funding your business needs.

What is business credit?
This gives you the ability to acquire things you need now and pay later.
How much business credit can I get?
We can help you secure up to $250,000 throughout the entirety of the 12-month membership.
Does business funding impact my personal credit?

Personal credit is used as a factor when applying for business credit, but once you have the credit, your personal credit is NOT affected.
What is the interest rate?
Our negotiators work to get you 0% interest as long as possible.

How does the free partner add-on work?

You and your secondary partner will share the same 12-month membership. In other words, if you add them six months into your membership, they will have the remaining six months to acquire business funding.
How can I use the business credit?
Utilize business credit for any business need including software, inventory, vendors, marketing, shipping expenses, company vehicles & more.
12 Months One-on-One Unlimited Coaching and Credit Building 
We work with you and coach you directly to maintain and improve your overall credit portfolio so that you can have peace of mind knowing that your credit is being managed properly.
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